Marble House

A prototype of a workshop executed while an Artist in Residence at Marble House Project in March of 2024. Enacted on-site at Marble House, the workshop explored notions of ecology and form and their respective relationships to sensibility. Participants were guided to encase various local, cellared vegetables in clay with special consideration for the shimmering line between form and function, sensible and imperceptible, active and passive agency, interior and exterior. Emphasis was placed on the relational nature of the outcomes and the outermost limits of the imagination of sensibility. The vegetables were then fired in a marble pit quarried from stone onsite, cooking the vegetables and transforming their encasements. The vegetables were excavated and served with a salsa verde of wild and cultivated greens, a wild green and claytonia salad, and a chickpea flour farinata cooked over open flame. The artifacts of the meal were displayed and ultimately returned to the site of the firing.

Select photos by Vaune Trachtman and Weihui Lu