Sant'Agata / Protettrice di Catania

A collection of depictions of the poor, poor Saint Agatha with a history of her life and a commemorative recipe. Can be purchased through Printed Matter.

(39) Vintage photo lot / SHADOWS Photographer Vampire Ghosts - SNAPSHOTS 1915-65

A run of 10 zines playing with the contents of an ebay lot of photos with the organizing characteristic being the presence of the shadow of the photographer in each photo. Can be purchased through Printed Matter.

IF ONLY Issue 1

A limited run instagram account fanzine which focuses on one individual account, and its creator, per issue. For the first edition, IF ONLY highlights Colby Bird's @colby_spins_things feed with a run of 300 zines which will be placed in each room at Ace Hotel New York. We celebrated with a little release party on Wed June 15th in the lobby.

Lindsay Kemp: The London Drawings

A limited edition zine made to support and illustrate a live drawing event exhibiting new work by Lindsay Kemp, Ace Hotel London Artist in Residence. Lindsay Kemp is one of the world’s most famous mimes, having trained with Marcel Marceau and Marie Rambert. He is best known for his work with David Bowie, Kate Bush and his play ‘Flowers’, written by Jean Genet. Lindsay directed David Bowie in Ziggy Stardust and starred in the final concert at The Rainbow Theatre alongside David. Bowie said, "One of the most exciting things I ever did was work with Lindsay Kemp".

Le Marché

A photo essay of a winter market experience in the 16e in Paris.

Rug Heads

An exploration of the world of baldness, wigs, and toupees. Content is sourced from vintage advertisements.