I thought I might give myself a moment to take a break from studio work and art history reading to mull over my visit to Italy. I think I've had enough time to decompress and understand what it was that I saw while I was there. I don't mean what I literally saw, not exactly. I mean, what stuck with me a week later, what I think will stay with me months or years later. Funnily enough, the little moments are the ones I see the clearest (the churches tend to run together after a while). The panel of the last supper from 'La Maestá' with its strange perspective and tiny wine glasses, an older and intensely classic Roman couple the next table over, the ridiculous amount of radicchio I consumed because it just so happened to be in season and therefore all over the menus. Those are the kind of moments I want to record and remember, maybe I'll get around to trying to paint them maybe I won't (hopefully the former) but I can at least hope that they stay as vibrant and tangible in my mind as they do now.

There are certainly a few new recipes I'm DYING to illustrate after this trip, hopefully I can get to them sooner rather than later. . .

I decided to include a couple gouache paintings from the trip, check my portfolio for sketchbook pages and other new pieces: